onstat -g dll command: Print dynamic link library file list

Use the onstat -g dll command to display a list of and the status of dynamic link library (DLL) files that were loaded.

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>>-onstat-- -g--dll--------------------------------------------><

Example output

The output displays the names of the library files only one time each process group. The flags indicate if the library was loaded when the server was started.
Figure 1. onstat -g dll command output
addr           slot  vp baseaddr        flags   filename
0x4af55310     15    1  0x2a985e3000    PM      /finance/jeffzhang/mylib.udr
0x4b6f2310           2  0x2a985e3000      
0x4b71b310           3  0x2a985e3000    
0x4c09f310     16    1  0x2a985e3000    M       /deptxyz/udrs/geodetic.bld
0x4c0c0310           2  0x2a985e3000    
0x4c0f1310           3  0x2a985e3000     
0x4c112310     17    1  0x7a138e9000            /home/informix/extend/blade.so
0x4c133310           2  0x3a421e1000          
0x4c133310           3  0x3a421e1000                                               

Output description

Address of the DLL file
Slot number entry in the library table
ID of the virtual processor
Base address of the shared library
  • M indicates that the thread calling the UDR can migrate from one CPU virtual processor to another CPU virtual processor.
  • P indicates that the shared library was loaded when the database server was started.
Name of the DLL file

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