onstat -g dsc command: Print distribution cache information

Use the onstat -g dsc command to display information about the distribution cache.

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>>-onstat-- -g--dsc--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g dsc command output
Data Distribution Cache:
    Number of lists         : 31
    DS_POOLSIZE             : 127

Distribution Cache Entries:
list id   ref  drop hits       last_access          heap_ptr         distribution name

3    0    0    0    42         2020-05-12 10:36:36  4d6b7838         sysadmin:informix.aus_work_info.aus_info_tabid
3    0    0    0    192        2020-05-12 10:36:36  45c264d8         sysadmin:informix.aus_work_dist.aus_dist_tabid

6    0    0    0    204        2020-05-12 10:36:36  45c268d8         sysadmin:informix.aus_work_icols.aus_icols_tabid

Total number of distribution entries: 58
    Number of entries in use        : 0

Output description

Number of lists
Number of lists in the distribution cache
Number of entries that can be cached at one time
Distribution cache hash chain ID
Number of hash entries
Number of statements that reference a cache entry
Whether this entry was dropped after it was added to the cache
The number of times the cache entry is accessed.

The time at which the cache entry was last accessed.

Heap address that is used to store this entry
distribution name
The name of the distribution in the cache
Total number of distribution entries
Number of entries in the distribution cache
Number of entries in use
Number of entries that are being used

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