onstat -i command: Initiate interactive mode

Use the onstat -i command to put the onstat utility in the interactive mode.

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>>-onstat-- -i--+-------------+--------------------------------><

In interactive mode, you can enter multiple onstat options per session, but only one at a time. An onstat prompt appears and allows you to enter an option.

Important: In interactive mode, do not precede the option with a dash.

Additional options

Two additional options, onstat r seconds and onstat rz seconds, are available in interactive mode. The onstat r seconds option is similar to the current onstat -r seconds option, which repeatedly generates a display. If an administrator executes onstat r seconds at the interactive-mode prompt, the prompt changes to reflect the specified interval in seconds and reappears, waiting for the next command. In the following example, the display generated by the next command repeats every three seconds:
onstat> r 3

The onstat rz seconds option enables you to repeat the next command as specified and set all profile counters to 0 between each execution.

Terminating interactive mode or repeating sequence

To terminate the interactive mode, press CTRL-d.

To terminate a repeating sequence, press CTRL-c.

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