Converting a Keystore File

A customer migrating from version 12.10.xC8 or higher who creates and then uses a network keystore file in version 14.10 will be able to revert back to 12.10 if necessary by converting the network keystore file into a local keystore file, which is the only type of keystore file version 12.10 can use.
$ onkstore -file my_keystore -convert
Which type of keystore would you like to create:
1 - Local Keystore
2 - AWS EAR Keystore
3 - AWS BAR Keystore
4 - KMIP EAR Keystore
5 - KMIP BAR Keystore
Conversion complete for /vobs/tristarp/sqldist/etc/my_keystore.p12

Currently, only option 1 (converting to a local keystore file) is supported. The original keystore file is copied to a backup file (my_keystore.p12.bak#) before being overwritten during the conversion.

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