onmode -h: Update sqlhosts caches


>>-onmode-- -h--+-------+---><
Element Purpose Key considerations
-h Allows you to update sqlhosts caches.

The database server maintains a hierarchy of sqlhosts caches. There is a cache of sqlhosts entries for each session.

In addition, there exists a global cache of the sqlhosts entries which can be enabled and disabled by the use of the sqlhosts argument of the NS_CACHE configuration parameter.

The global sqlhosts cache entries will be reloaded when this cache is enabled and the last modification time of the sqlhosts file is newer than the cache read time of the entry.

-force This optional argument allows you to trigger the sqlhosts caches unconditionally.

The sqlhosts caches will be reloaded unconditionally.

This command has an equivalent SQL administration API function. For more information, see onmode and h arguments: Update sqlhosts caches (SQL administration API)

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