Restoring when a backup is missing data

If a backup fails verification because of missing data, you can perform a restore from an older backup.

To restore when a backup is missing data:

  1. Choose the date and time of an older backup than the one that failed. To perform a point-in-time verification, use the onbar -v -t time space command.
  2. If the older backup passes verification, perform a point-in-time physical restore by using the same time value, then perform a log restore, as follows:
    onbar -r -p -t time space
    onbar -r -l
  3. Expire the corrupted backup at your storage manager.
  4. Run the onsmsync command without arguments. The onsmsync utility removes backups that are no longer held by the storage manager from the emergency boot file and the sysutils database, preventing ON-Bar from attempting to use such backups.