ON-Bar script

The ON-Bar utility includes a shell script on UNIX and a batch script on Windows for customizing backup and restore operations.

When you install ON-Bar with the database server, a default script is included. The name and location of the script depends on the operating system:
The onbar shell script is in the $INFORMIXDIR/bin directory.
The onbar.bat batch script is in the %INFORMIXDIR%\bin directory.

When you issue ON-Bar commands from the command line, the arguments are passed to the script, and then to the onbar_d utility.

Table 1. ON-Bar utilities
Utility Description
onbar_d utility

Transfers data between the database server and the storage manager.

The onbar command calls the onbar_d utility that starts the onbar-driver. The onbar-driver starts and controls backup and restore activities.

onsmsync utility Synchronizes the contents of the sysutils database, the emergency boot files, and the storage manager catalogs. Use this utility to purge backups that are no longer needed.
ondblog utility Changes the database-logging mode. The ondblog utility logs its output in the ON-Bar activity log, bar_act.log.
archecker utility Verifies backups, and restores table-level data from an archive.