Performing a cold restore

If a critical storage space is damaged because of a disk failure or corrupted data, you must perform a cold restore. If a disk fails, you need to replace it before you can perform a cold restore to recover data.

If you try to perform a cold restore without a backup, data in the storage spaces that were not backed up are lost.

To perform a cold restore:

  1. Shut down the server by running the onmode -ky command.
  2. If the disk that contains the logical-log files must be replaced or repaired, use the onbar -b -l -s command to salvage logical-log files on the damaged disk. Otherwise, ON-Bar automatically salvages the logical logs.
  3. If necessary, repair or replace the damaged disk.
  4. If the files in INFORMIXDIR are damaged, copy the back ups of administrative files to their original locations.

    Otherwise, you do not need to copy the administrative files.

  5. Restore the critical and noncritical storage spaces by running the onbar -r command. When the restore is complete, the database server is in quiescent mode.
  6. Start the server by running the onmode -m command.
  7. Synchronize the storage manager by running the onsmsync command.