Expire and synchronize the backup catalogs

ON-Bar maintains a history of backup and restore operations in the sysutils database and an extra copy of the backup history in the emergency boot file. ON-Bar uses the sysutils database in a warm restore when only a portion of the data is lost. ON-Bar uses the emergency boot file in a cold restore because the sysutils database cannot be accessed. You can use the onsmsync utility to regenerate the emergency boot file and expire old backups.

Depending on the command options you supply, the onsmsync utility can remove the following items from the sysutils database and the emergency boot file:
  • Backups that the storage manager has expired
  • Old backups based on the age of backup
  • Old backups based on the number of times they have been backed up

Use onsmsync with the database server online or in quiescent mode to synchronize both the sysutils database and the emergency boot file.

To synchronize the sysutils database:
  1. Bring the database server online or to quiescent mode.
  2. Run the onsmsync utility without any options.
The onsmsync utility synchronizes the sysutils database, the storage manager, and the emergency boot file as follows:
  • Adds backup history to sysutils that is in the emergency boot file but is missing from the sysutils database.
  • Removes the records of restores, whole-system restores, fake backups, successful and failed backups from the sysutils database.
  • Expires old logical logs that are no longer needed.
  • Regenerates the emergency boot file from the sysutils database.