BAR_RETRY configuration parameter

Use the BAR_RETRY configuration parameter to specify how many times onbar should try a data backup, logical-log backup, or restore operation if the first attempt fails.

onconfig.std value
if value not present
range of values
0 = BAR_ABORT, stop the rest of the backup/restore
1 = BAR_CONT, continue the rest of the backup/restore
n = 2 to 32766
takes effect
When ON-Bar starts
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf or equivalent SQL administration API command.


The setting of the BAR_RETRY parameter determines ON-Bar behavior in the following ways:
  • If set to 0 (BAR_ABORT), ON-Bar stops the backup or restore session when an error occurs for a storage space or logical log, returns an error, and quits. If ON-Bar is running in parallel, the already running processes finish but no new ones are started.
  • If set to 1 (BAR_CONT), ON-Bar stops the backup or restore attempt for that particular storage space, returns an error, and attempts to back up or restore any storage spaces or logical logs that remain.
  • If set to a specific number (retry backup and restore operations 2 to 32766 times), ON-Bar attempts to back up or restore this storage space or logical log the specified number of times before it gives up and moves on to the next one.