BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT configuration parameter

Use the BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT configuration parameter to specify the number of data buffers that each onbar_d process can use to exchange data with the database server.

onconfig.std value
if value not present
range of values
3 to unlimited
takes effect
When ON-Bar starts
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf or equivalent SQL administration API command.

The value of this parameter affects ON-Bar performance. For example, if you set BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT to 5 and then issue five ON-Bar commands, the resulting 25 ON-Bar processes use a total of 125 buffers.

To calculate the amount of memory that each onbar_d process requires, use the following formula. For information about the page size for your system, see the release notes:
                   * page_size) + 5 MB