Switching from client-based to server-based messaging

If you previously switched to client-based messaging, you can switch back to server-based messaging.


  • When you switch to server-based messaging, the database server and IBM® WebSphere® MQ (WMQ) can be present on the same computer or on a different computer on the network.
  • On Windows, you must have the MKS Toolkit to run the chown command.
To switch from client-based messaging to server-based messaging:
  1. Bring down the database server.
  2. Run this command: cd $INFORMIXDIR/extend/mqblade.2.0
  3. Run this command: rm idsmq.bld
  4. Run either of the following commands:
    • cp idsmqs.bld idsmq.bld
    • ln –s idsmqs.bld idsmq.bld

    Note that these commands differ slightly from the commands used to switch to client-based messaging.

  5. Run this command: chown Informix:Informix idsmq.bld
  6. Run this command: chmod –w idsmq.bld
  7. Start the database server.

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