Connect Option

Most cdr commands allow a connect option to specify the database server to connect to for performing the command.

The --connect option causes the command to use the global catalog that is on the specified server. If you do not specify this option, the connection defaults to the database server specified by the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable.
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Connect Option

|--+- -c -server-------------+----------------------------------|
   +- --connect=server-------+   
   +- -c -server_group-------+   
   '- --connect=server_group-'   

Element Purpose Restrictions Syntax
server Name of the database server to connect to The name must be the name of a database server or server connection. Long Identifiers
server_group Name of the database server group that includes the database server to connect to The name must be the name of an existing database server group. Long Identifiers

You must use the --connect option when you add a database server to your replication environment with the cdr define server command.

You might use the --connect option if the database server to which you would normally attach is unavailable.

If your replication domain contains database servers that are running different server versions, cdr commands must connect to the server running the latest version of HCL Informix®. If you are connected to a database server running an older version of HCL Informix, you cannot run a cdr command on a database server running a later version of HCL Informix.

If the database server uses trusted connections between replication servers by including the s=6 option in the sqlhosts entries, you configure a regular connection to an alias of the server for the cdr utility to use. In a trusted connection environment, the cdr utility can only connect to the local replication server.

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