CDR_ENV Configuration Parameter

Sets the Enterprise Replication environment variables CDR_ALARMS, CDR_LOGDELTA, CDR_PERFLOG, CDR_ROUTER, or CDR_RMSCALEFACT.

Important: Use the CDR_LOGDELTA, CDR_PERFLOG, CDR_ROUTER, and CDR_RMSCALEFACT environment variables only if instructed to do so by IBM® Support.
Enterprise Replication environment variable name and value, separated by an equal sign
takes effect
When the database server is shut down and restarted or immediately for the following actions:
  • Adding a value using the cdr add onconfig command
  • Removing a value using the cdr remove onconfig command

The onconfig file can contain multiple entries for the CDR_ENV environment variable. You can specify only one environment variable per CDR_ENV entry.

The following line in the onconfig file sets the CDR_ALARMS environment variable to add event alarm 51 to the event alarms that are enabled by default:

CDR_ENV CDR_ALARMS=30-39,47,48,50,51,71,73-75

When you update the CDR_ALARMS environment variable in the onconfig file, you must list all the Enterprise Replication event alarms that you want to be enabled.

The following lines in the onconfig file set the CDR_LOGDELTA environment variable to 30 and the CDR_ROUTER environment variable to 1:

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