CDR_QUEUEMEM Configuration Parameter

Specifies the maximum amount of memory that is used for the send and receive queues.

onconfig.std value
range of values
From 500 through 4194304
takes effect
When the database server is shut down and restarted or immediately after the cdr change onconfig command is used

The CDR_QUEUEMEM configuration parameter specifies the maximum amount of memory that the send and receive queues use for transaction headers and for transaction data. The total size of the transaction headers and transaction data in a send or receive queue could be up to twice the size of that value of CDR_QUEUEMEM. If your logical logs are large, the Enterprise Replication reads a large amount of data into queues in memory. You can use CDR_QUEUEMEM to limit the amount of memory devoted to the queues.

When you increase the value of CDR_QUEUEMEM, you reduce the number of elements that must be written to disk, which can eliminate I/O overhead. Therefore, if elements are frequently stored on disk, increase the value of CDR_QUEUEMEM. Conversely, if you set the value of CDR_QUEUEMEM too high, you might adversely impact the performance of your system. High values for CDR_QUEUEMEM also increase the time necessary for recovery. Tune the value of CDR_QUEUEMEM for the amount of memory available on your computer.

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