CC8BITLEVEL environment variable

The CC8BITLEVEL environment variable determines the type of processing that the IBM® Informix® ESQL/C filter, esqlmf, performs on non-ASCII (8-bit and multibyte) characters.

See also Generate non-ASCII file names.
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The esqlmf filter converts all non-ASCII characters in literal strings and comments to octal constants (for C compilers that do not support these uses of non-ASCII characters).
The esqlmf filter converts non-ASCII characters in literal strings to octal constants but allows them in comments (some C compilers do support non-ASCII characters in comments).
The esqlmf filter allows non-ASCII characters in literal strings and ensures that all the bytes in the non-ASCII characters have the eighth bit set (for C compilers with this requirement).
The esqlmf filter does not filter non-ASCII characters (for C compilers that support multibyte characters in literal strings and in comments).
To start esqlmf each time that you process the Informix ESQL/C source file with the esql command, set the ESQLMF environment variable to 1. If you do not set CC8BITLEVEL, the esql command assumes a default value for CC8BITLEVEL of 0.
Important: When ESQLMF is set to 1 to enable automatic multibyte filtering, do not set CC8BITLEVEL to 3.

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