DBMONEY environment variable

The DBMONEY environment variable specifies the custom display formats for values in MONEY columns.

See also Display formats.
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            '-front-'  '-,-'  '-back-'   

Specifies a currency symbol that is displayed before the monetary value.
Specifies a currency symbol that is displayed after the value.
, (comma), . (period)
Monetary decimal separator. When you specify the comma or the period, you implicitly assign the other symbol to the thousands separator.
With this environment variable, you can specify the currency notation:
  • The currency symbol that shows before or after the monetary value.
  • The monetary decimal separator, which separates the part of the monetary value from the fractional part.
For example, suppose that you use ' DM,' as the DBMONEY setting. This DBMONEY setting specifies the following currency notation:
  • The currency symbol, DM, shows before a monetary value.
  • The decimal separator is a comma.
  • The thousands separator is (implicitly) a period.

The front or back symbol can be non-ASCII character if your client locale supports a code set that defines the non-ASCII character. Any symbol that is not a letter must be enclosed within quotation marks. Period or comma are not valid front or back symbols. In the default locale, the dollar ($) sign is the default front currency symbol, period (.) is the default decimal separator, and comma (,) is the default thousands separator. The DBMONEY setting takes precedence over any notation defined by the MONETARY category of the locale. See also Customize currency display formats.

Most GLS locales for European languages can support code sets that include the euro symbol for monetary values.

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