IFX_PUA_DISPLAY_MAPPING environment variable

Use the IFX_PUA_DISPLAY_MAPPING environment variable to set display widths for characters from the Unicode Private Use Area (PUA) ranges according to a mapping file that you supply: $INFORMIXIDR/gls/etc/pua.map. By default, DB-Access and other Informix® character-based applications cannot interpret private-use characters.

This environment variable requires HCL Informix GLS version 6.00.xC4 or later.

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Any nonzero, alphanumeric character.

To enable the environment variable, set it to a valid value. For example, set the environment variable to 1 from ksh:


To create the mapping file:

  1. Create a file named pua.map, and store it in the/gls/etc/ path under the installation directory.
  2. In the pua.map file, list each Unicode private-use character followed by its character representation display width in this format:
    PUA_character display_width
Valid display width values:
  • 1 = halfwidth character representation
  • 2 = fullwidth character representation

If you do not specify a display value for a character in the list, the default is halfwidth.

For example, if the $INFORMIXIDR/gls/etc/pua.map file contains the following lines, PUA_character_3 displays in fullwidth and the rest of the characters display in halfwidth:

PUA_character_1  1
PUA_character_3  2

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