Threads that the onpload utility uses

The onpload utility starts the following threads:
Table 1. Threads that the onpload utility starts
Thread Description
tape I/O threads The onpload utility starts one tape I/O thread for each tape device. It reads data from the tape device asynchronously.

The onpload utility starts a similar thread for piped output. (UNIX only)

If the disk file inputs, onpload uses the multithreading AIO subsystem instead of a dedicated I/O thread.

sdriver threads The worker threads control I/O from input files. They handle device abstraction for the different device types handled. The sdriver threads also are responsible for passing out records from the input and passing records to the converters.
convert threads The onpload utility starts one or more convert threads for each device. These threads perform conversions on the input data such as uppercase to lowercase conversion or code-set conversion.
worker threads The onpload utility starts one worker thread for each input device. These threads communicate with the database server. The main responsibility of the worker thread is to pass data to the database server.

To see the status of the onpload threads, you must use the -j option of the onstat utility.

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