Options of the HPL main window

After you select a project, you can choose options from any of the menus on the HPL main window.

The following table shows the options of the main menu:
Table 1. HPL main menu and submenu options
Main menu option Submenu option Purpose See
Jobs Load Create a load job and use the Load Job window to load data into a database. Load data to a database table
Jobs Unload Create an unload job and use the Unload Job window to unload data from a database to a file. Creating an unload job
Jobs Exit Exit from the user interface. The ipload utility
Browsers Record Review records in a specified format, search the list of available formats, or edit a format. Reviewing records that the conversion rejected
Browsers Violations View records that passed the filter and conversion but were rejected by the database. Viewing the violations table
Browsers Logfile View load status and see where any errors occurred. View the status of a load job or unload job
Components Formats Create or modify data-file formats. Define formats
Components Maps Create or modify maps that show the relationship between data-file fields and database columns. Define maps
Components Query Build, modify, or retrieve SQL-based queries. HPL queries
Components Filter Create or modify filters that determine source data-file records for conversion and load. Define filters
Components Devices Specify a set of files, tapes, or pipes (UNIX only) that will be read simultaneously for loading or unloading the database. Define device arrays
Components Generate Job Automatically generate the components for load and unload jobs. The Generate options of the ipload utility
Configure Server Select the database servers that hold the onpload database and the target database. Configure the High-Performance Loader
Configure Project Create a project under which formats, filters, queries, maps, and load and unload jobs are stored. Define HPL projects
Configure Defaults Specify the default character sets for the data file and databases. Modify the onpload default values
Configure Machines Specify the machine parameters that are used to convert binary data. Modify the machine description
Help Glossary View definitions of terms that pertain to the HPL. The HPL online help
Help Contents View the main contents page that directs you to discussions of various HPL topics. The HPL online help

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