Component-Selection windows

The windows for creating or modifying components often (but not always) come in pairs. In the first window, the Component-Selection window, you can create a component or select an existing component to modify. You can also view notes and copy, delete, or print information about a component. In the second window, the Component-Definition window, you can make changes.

The details of a selection window vary depending on the operation that you are performing.

The following figure shows the Device Array Selection window to illustrate the standard features of Component-Selection windows.
Figure 1. The Device Array Selection window
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Table 1. The Device Array Selection window options
Display option Description
Toolbar buttons The buttons across the top of the display represent actions that you can take after you select a component from the component list. For example, in Figure 1, the toolbar buttons indicate that you can copy, delete, or print an array. The HPL ipload utility buttons explains how to use these buttons.
Selection type The selection type allows you to specify the action that you want to take. In most of the displays, you can either open an existing component or create a component.
Component-Name text box If you click Create, you must type a name for the new component in the Device-Array text box. (In Figure 1, you must give a name for the new device array.)
Device Array text box Before you can type a name in the Device Array text box, you must click inside that text box to activate it. When the text box is active, it has a narrow black border. If you type a character that is not valid, the interface beeps at you, displays a message on the message line, and refuses to display the invalid character.
Component list box The component list box lists the components that currently exist in this project. If you click Open in the selection group, you must select a component from this list.
Notes area The notes area displays stored comments about the selected component. This area is not an active area. To store a comment about a component, you must select a component and use the Notes button. For more information about notes, see The Notes button.
Message Line The message line primarily gives instructions for the next logical action. The message line also gives an error message when an action fails or a completion message when a process is finished.
Buttons The buttons across the bottom of the display let you indicate your next action. For a more complete discussion, see The HPL ipload utility buttons.

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