Select a database server

The High-Performance Loader (HPL) needs to know the location of two databases: the onpload database and the target database.

The target database is the HCL Informix® database into which you load data or from which you unload data. When you start ipload, ipload assumes that both the onpload database and the target database are on the database server that the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable specifies. You can use the Connect Server window (Figure 1) to specify different database servers.

The sqlhosts file or registry controls connectivity to database servers. The ipload utility scans the sqlhosts information to derive the lists of available database servers that the Connect Server window displays.
Restriction: You cannot use the alias loghost as a machine name in the sqlhosts file. The loghost alias is present on all computers; consequently, onpload cannot correctly identify computers based on this name.

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