The Drivers window

You can add information about custom drivers from the Drivers window. After you add a custom driver name, you can assign the driver to the record-format definitions.

The following figure shows the Drivers window. The Driver Name list box displays the currently available drivers, their class, and type.
Figure 1. The Drivers window
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Table 1. The Drivers window options
Display option Description
Driver Name The Driver Name text box specifies the name of the custom-driver program. Before you can use the custom driver, you must add the program to your onpload shared library. For more information, see Rebuilding the shared-library file.
Driver Class The Driver Class text box specifies the format type that the custom driver supports. The custom driver must produce data in a format that onpload supports. The onpload utility supports the following driver classes:
  • Fixed
  • Delimited

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