Using the Specs button

With the Specs button, you can display the Specifications window, where you can examine the characteristics of the columns and fields in your map.

The following figure shows a sample Specifications window.
Figure 1. The Specifications window
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To use the Specifications window:

  1. Click Specs in the Map-Definition window to display the Specifications window.
  2. Select a column from the Columns list box or a field from the Fields list box or both.

    The specification boxes in the lower part of the screen display the characteristics of the selected items.

  3. When you finish examining the specifications, click OK to return to the Map-Definition window.

The Specifications window displays the attributes of columns and fields. The Specifications window does not allow you to edit the attributes it displays. To change the attributes of a field, you must modify the format of the data file. (See Format options.) To change the attributes of a column, you must use appropriate SQL statements to modify the database table.

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