The command-line information

If you select an existing job in the Unload Job Select window, the Command Line text box shows the onpload command that ipload generated for that unload job.

The following figure shows the Command Line portion of an Unload Job Select window. The Command Line text box displays the onpload command generated for the job shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Fragment of the Unload Job Select window
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The command line, onpload -p testum -j testum2_out -fu, contains the following arguments.
-p testum
The project where the job is stored.
-j testum2_out
The name of the job.
The job that unloads (rather than loads) data.

You can copy the onpload command from the Command Line text box and paste it at a system prompt to run the unload job. If you need to run the unload job multiple times (for example, every evening at 5:00 p.m.), you can save the onpload command and run it later.

You do not need to start ipload to run a job from the system prompt. Both ipload and onpload use the onpload database, but each one uses it independently.

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