Changing the unload options

The Unload Options window contains the following options.
Table 1. The Unload Options window options
Option Description
Isolation Level The criteria for how the query selects records. The four levels of isolation (from highest to lowest) are as follows:
  • Committed
  • Cursor Stability
  • Repeatable Read
  • Dirty Read

The higher the isolation level, the lower the unload performance. For a more detailed definition of isolation levels, see the HCL Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax.

Max Errors The maximum number of error conditions to be encountered. If the number of unload errors exceeds this number, the unload job stops.

To change unload options:

  1. Display the Unload Job window. See the instructions for Creating an unload job.
  2. Click Options.
    The Unload Options window appears, as the following figure shows.
    Figure 1. The Unload Options window
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  3. Change the options that you want.
  4. Click OK to return to the Unload Job window.

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