Components of the load job

The High-Performance Loader (HPL) lets you define the individual components of a data load individually or lets you use the generate option to define the components automatically.

The components of the load job specify:
  • The device array where the source data files resides
  • The format of the data files
  • The filter that accepts or rejects source-file records for the load
  • The map that specifies the relationship between the data-file format and the database table schema

When you run a load job, you select which individual components to use. The collection of the various components for a specific load is called the load job. You can assign a name to a load job, save the job, and then retrieve and rerun it as often as you need to. You can modify an existing job or save it under another job name.

You can define as many different load jobs as you need. You can group your load jobs under one or more projects to make the tasks easier to manage.

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