Generating a job from the Load Job window

When you generate from the Load Job window, ipload creates a format, a map, a job, and, if needed, a device array.

To generate a job from the Load Job window:

  1. Choose Jobs > Load from the HPL main window to display the Load Job Select window.
  2. Click Create in the Selection Type group.
  3. Select a name for the load job and type it in the Job Name text box.
  4. Click OK to display the Load Job window.
  5. Click Generate.
    The Autogenerate Load Components window appears, as the following figure shows.
    Figure 1. The Autogenerate Load Components window
    begin figure description - This figure is described in the surrounding text. - end figure description
  6. Click Device Array or File to indicate the location of the source data
    • To load from an existing device array, click Device Array and type the name of the device array.
    • To load from a file, click File and type the full path name of the file. The ipload utility automatically generates a device array that includes the file.
  7. In the Load To group, type the name of the database and table that will receive the data.
  8. Click OK to generate the components of the load and return to the Load Job window.
  9. If needed, click Filter to prepare a filter.
  10. If you want, change the path names in the Discard Records and Logfile text boxes.
  11. Click Save to save the components and the job.
  12. Click Run to run job or Cancel to exit.

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