Using the onpload utility

In most cases, use the Load Job window (Figure 2) or Unload Job window (Figure 2) to prepare the load or unload job.

After you prepare the job, the Command Line text box on the Load Job Select window (Figure 1) or the Unload Job Select window (Figure 1) shows you the command line that ipload prepared for the job. You can copy that command line and use it to run the job at a later time. You can also use the command-line options shown in this section to modify the basic command line that ipload prepared.
Tip: Enter onpload with no options at the command line to display a command-line listing of all onpload options and their functions.

When you use the onpload utility, you cannot load or unload smart large objects (BLOB or CLOB data types) to or from multiple files.

The onpload and onpladm utilities include support for long object names up to 128 characters, but the ipload utility does not.

The following sections give additional information about the syntax and individual options of the onpload utility.

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