Override the onpload database values

The options that are described in this topic let you enter size information that overrides existing parameters in the onpload database. You can override only these parameters. You cannot override other options, such as run mode.

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Overriding the onpload database values

   +- -C--caseconvert-+   
   +- -D--override_db-+   
   +- -F--filter------+   
   +- -L--trace_level-+   
   +- -M--converters--+   
   +- -R--rejectfile--+   
   +- -S--servername--+   
   +- -T--target_db---+   
   '- -l--logfile-----'   

Element Purpose
-C caseconvert Sets the case-conversion option that converts all character information
-D override_db Overrides the database specified in the map used for the load
-F filter Identifies the filter that onpload uses for screening load records
-L trace_level Sets the amount of information logged during the load
-M converters Sets the maximum number of conversion threads per device
-R rejectfile Identifies the file destination for rejected records
-S servername Sets the onpload database server
-T target_db Sets the target database serve
-l logfile Specifies the name of a file to which onpload sends messages

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