Set target-server attribute values

The following diagram illustrates the syntax to set default values for target server attributes.

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Setting target server attribute values

>>-onpladm configure defaults--+-----------------+-------------->
                               '- -s -servername-'   

>-- -m -machinetype-- -c -data_codeset--+-----------------+----><
                                        '- -S -servername-'   

Element Purpose Key considerations
- c data_codeset Character set for data files The character set of the database is determined by the DB_LOCALE environment variable. For information about locales and code sets, see the HCL Informix® GLS User's Guide.
-m machinetype Machine type None
-s servername Database server for which defaults are set If a server is not specified, the default information within the onpload database that describes all database servers is modified.
-S servername Sets the onpload database server The default is the value of the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable.

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