The HPL_DYNAMIC_LIB_PATH configuration parameter

The ipldd11a.SOLIBSUFFIX shared-library file can contain custom-code files. You can add custom drivers or custom conversion functions to this file to extend the functionality of the High-Performance Loader (HPL). For more information about custom drivers, see Custom drivers. For more information about custom conversion functions, see Custom-conversion functions.

Previous versions of the database server required the ipldd11a.SOLIBSUFFIX file to be installed in the /usr/lib directory on Solaris. Although you can set the value of HPL_DYNAMIC_LIB_PATH to /usr/lib, doing so creates a security risk.

Default value
Range of values
Any valid directory, plus ipldd11a.SOLIBSUFFIX. (SOLIBSUFFIX is the shared-library suffix for your operating system.)

For security reasons, you should keep all shared libraries used by the database server in directories under $INFORMIXDIR.

Rebuilding the shared-library file

If you use customized files with the High-Performance Loader, set the HPL_DYNAMIC_LIB_PATH configuration parameter in the plconfig file to the location of the custom-code shared library.

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