Creating multiresident database servers (Windows)

You can set up multiple independent database server environments on the same computer.

Before you set up multiple residency, you must install one database server.
Important: You are not required to install more than one copy of the database server binary files. All instances of the same version of the database server on one computer can share the same executable files.

To set up multiple residency, use the Server Instance Manager. You can run the Server Instance Manager as a graphical program or on the command line.

To use the Server Instance Manager program, you must have administrative privileges on the database server as a member of the Informix-Admin group. However, local administrator privileges are sufficient, even if the database server was installed for domain use.

To create a new database server instance with the graphical Server Instance Manager program:
  1. Start the Server Instance Manager from the database server program group on the Start > All Programs menu.
  2. Choose an installation method, and click Create New to create a new instance of the database server.
  3. Follow the prompts.

After you enter the required information, the Server Instance Manager installs services, records environment variables, updates the registry, and creates the onconfig and sqlhost files for the new database server instance.

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