SET DATASKIP statement

Use the SET DATASKIP statement to control whether the database server skips a dbspace that is unavailable during the processing of a transaction.

This statement is an extension to the ANSI/ISO standard for SQL.


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>>-SET DATASKIP--+-ON--+-------------+-+-----------------------><
                 |     | .-,-------. | |   
                 |     | V         | | |   
                 |     '---dbspace-+-' |   

Element Description Restrictions Syntax
dbspace Name of the skipped dbspace Must exist at time of execution Identifier


SET DATASKIP allows you to reset at runtime the Dataskip feature, which controls whether the database server skips a dbspace that is unavailable (for example, due to a media failure) in the course of processing a transaction.

In Informix® ESQL/C, the warning flag sqlca.sqlwarn.sqlwarn6 is set to W if a dbspace is skipped. See also the HCL Informix Enterprise Replication Guide.

In Informix, this statement applies only to tables that are fragmented across dbspaces or partitions. It does not apply to blobspaces nor to sbspaces.

Specifying SET DATASKIP ON without including a dbspace instructs the database server to skip any dbspaces in the fragmentation list that are unavailable. You can use the onstat -d or -D options to determine whether a dbspace is down.

When you specify SET DATASKIP ON dbspace, you are instructing the database server to skip the specified dbspace if it is unavailable.

If you specify SET DATASKIP OFF, the Dataskip feature is disabled. If you specify SET DATASKIP DEFAULT, the database server uses the setting that is specified in the DATASKIP configuration parameter in ONCONFIG file.


The following skips dbsp1 for the current session:
The following sets the value of DATASKIP to the value specified in onconfig:
The following switches DATASKIP off so that all dbspaces are used.

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