Allocating cooked file spaces on UNIX

The following procedure shows an example of allocating disk space for a cooked file.


To allocate disk space for a cooked file called usr/data/my_chunk, on UNIX:

  1. Log-in as user informix: su informix
  2. Change directories to the directory where the cooked space will be located: cd /usr/data
  3. Create your chunk by concatenating null to the file name that the database server will use for disk space: cat /dev/null > my_chunk
  4. Set the file permissions to 660 (rw-rw----): chmod 660 my_chunk
  5. You must set both group and owner of the file to informix:
    ls -l my_chunk  -rw-rw----
      1  informix   informix 
      0  Oct 12 13:43 my_chunk
  6. Use onspaces to create the storage space or chunk.

For information about how to create a storage space using the file you have allocated, see Creating a dbspace that uses the default page size, Creating a blobspace, and Creating an sbspace.

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