Obtain blobspace storage statistics

To help you determine the optimal blobpage size for each blobspace, you can use database server utility commands

The following database server utility commands to determine the optimal blobpage size:
  • oncheck -pe
  • oncheck -pB
The oncheck -pe command provides background information about the objects stored in a blobspace:
  • Complete ownership information (displayed as database:owner.table) for each table that has data stored in the blobspace chunk
  • The total number of pages used by each table to store its associated TEXT and BYTE data
  • The total free and total overhead pages in the blobspace
The oncheck -pB command lists the following statistics for each table or database:
  • The number of blobpages used by the table or database in each blobspace
  • The average fullness of the blobpages used by each simple large object stored as part of the table or database

For more information, see Monitor blobspace usage with oncheck -pe, Determine blobpage fullness with oncheck -pB, and optimizing blobspace blobpage size in the topics about table performance considerations in the HCL Informix® Performance Guide.

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