The oncheck -ce and oncheck -pe options

Run oncheck -ce to display the size of each sbspace chunk, the total amount of used space, and the amount of free space in the user-data area. The oncheck -pe option displays the same information as oncheck -ce plus a detailed listing of chunk use. First the dbspaces are listed and then the sbspaces. The -pe output provides the following information about sbspace use:
  • Names of the tables that store smart-large-object data, by chunk
  • Number of disk pages (not sbpages) used, by table
  • Number of free user-data pages that remain, by chunk
  • Number of metadata pages used, by chunk
The output provides the following totals:
  • Total number of used pages for the user-data area, metadata area, and reserved area

    The system adds 53 extra pages for the reserved area to the totals for the user-data area and metadata area.

  • Number of free pages that remain in the metadata area
  • Number of free pages that remain in the user-data area
Tip: The oncheck -pe option provides information about sbspace use in terms of database server pages, not sbpages.
The following example shows sample output. In this example, the sbspace s9_sbspc has a total of 214 used pages, 60 free pages in the metadata area, and 726 free pages in the user-data area.
Chunk Pathname                                      Size      Used      Free
      2 /ix/ids9.2/./s9_sbspc                         1000       940        60

    Description                                          Offset     Size
    -------------------------------------------------- -------- --------
    RESERVED PAGES                                            0        2
    CHUNK FREELIST PAGE                                       2        1
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.TBLSpace                              3       50
    SBLOBSpace LO [2,2,1]                                    53        8
    SBLOBSpace LO [2,2,2]                                    61        1
SBLOBSpace LO [2,2,79]                                  168        1
    SBLOBSpace FREE USER DATA                               169      305
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.sbspace_desc                        474        4
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.chunk_adjunc                        478        4
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.LO_hdr_partn                        482        8
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.LO_ud_free                          490        5
    s9_sbspc:'informix'.LO_hdr_partn                        495       24
    FREE                                                    519       60
    SBLOBSpace FREE USER DATA                               579      421

    Total Used:                                   214
    Total SBLOBSpace FREE META DATA:               60
    Total SBLOBSpace FREE USER DATA:              726

You can use CHECK EXTENTS as the SQL administration API command equivalent to oncheck -ce. For information about using SQL API commands, see Remote administration with the SQL administration API and the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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