Settings or changes for logging status or mode

The user who creates a database with the CREATE DATABASE statement establishes the logging status or buffering mode for that database. For more information about the CREATE DATABASE statement, see the IBM® Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax.

If the CREATE DATABASE statement does not specify a logging status, the database is created without logging.

Only the database server administrator can change logging status. Manage the database-logging mode, describes this topic. Ordinary users cannot change database-logging status.

If a database does not use logging, you are not required to consider whether buffered or unbuffered logging is more appropriate. If you specify logging but do not specify the buffering mode for a database, the default is unbuffered logging.

Users can switch from unbuffered to buffered (but not ANSI-compliant) logging and from buffered to unbuffered logging for the duration of a session. The SET LOG statement performs this change within an application. For more information about the SET LOG statement, see the IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax.

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