Manage the database-logging mode

You can monitor and modify the database-logging mode.

The topics in this section provide information about:
  • Understanding database-logging mode
  • Modifying database-logging mode with ondblog
  • Modifying database-logging mode with ontape
  • Monitoring transaction logging
As a database server administrator, you can alter the logging mode of a database as follows:
  • Change transaction logging from buffered to unbuffered.
  • Change transaction logging from unbuffered to buffered.
  • Make a database ANSI compliant.
  • Add transaction logging (buffered or unbuffered) to a database.
  • End transaction logging for a database.

For information about database-logging mode, when to use transaction logging, and when to buffer transaction logging, see Logging. To find out the current logging mode of a database, see Monitor the logging mode of a database.

For information about using SQL administration API commands instead of some ondblog and ontape commands, see Remote administration with the SQL administration API and the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

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