Verify consistency

Because of the time required for this check and the possible contention that the check can cause, schedule this check for times when activity is at its lowest. You must perform this check just before you create a level-0 backup.

Run the commands shown in the following table as part of the consistency check.
Table 1. Checking data consistency
Type of validation Command
System catalog tables oncheck -cc
Data oncheck -cD dbname
Extents oncheck -ce
Indexes oncheck -cI dbname
Reserved pages oncheck -cr
Logical logs and reserved pages oncheck -cR
Metadata and smart large objects oncheck -cs

You can run each of these commands while the database server is in online mode. For information about how each command locks objects as it checks them and which users can perform validations, see oncheck in the HCL Informix® Administrator's Reference.

In most cases, if one or more of these validation procedures detects an error, the solution is to restore the database from a dbspace backup. However, the source of the error might also be your hardware or operating system.

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