Validate system catalog tables

To validate system catalog tables, use the oncheck -cc command.

Each database contains its own system catalog, which contains information about the database tables, columns, indexes, views, constraints, stored procedures, and privileges.

If a warning is displayed when validation completes, its only purpose is to alert you that no records of a specific type were found. These warnings do not indicate any problem with your data, your system catalog, or even your database design. This warning indicates only that no synonym exists for any table; that is, the system catalog contains no records in the table syssyntable. For example, the following warning might be displayed if you validate system catalog tables for a database that has no synonyms defined for any table:
WARNING: No syssyntable records found.

However, if you receive an error message when you validate system catalog tables, the situation is quite different. Contact HCL Informix® Technical Support immediately.

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