Starting Connection Managers on UNIX and Linux

Use the oncmsm utility to start a Connection Manager.

A Connection Manager can be started before the database servers it manages are started. If a connection unit is managed by a Connection Manager, the Connection Manager connects to database servers in the connection unit after the database servers start.

If the database servers of a connection unit are online before a Connection Manager is initialized, start the Connection Manager, and then direct client application requests to the Connection Manager instead of the database servers.

  1. Start the Connection Manager by running the oncmsm utility with the c parameter and the name of the Connection Manager configuration file.
    oncmsm -c configuration_file
    The default location for the configuration file is the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory.
  2. If you enabled Connection Manager logging by setting the LOG and LOGFILE parameters in the Connection Manager's configuration file, check the log to verify that the Connection Manager successfully started. The following message displays is the Connection Manager started:
    Connection Manager started successfully
After a Connection Manager initializes, it attempts to connect to the database servers or groups of database servers that are specified by the INFORMIXSERVER parameter in the Connection Manager's configuration file. The Connection Manager then searches for and connects to all the database servers that are in each specified server's cluster, grid, or replicate set.

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