Configuring connection management

To configure connection management, you must install software, set environments and connectivity information, create Connection Manager configuration files, and run the oncmsm utility.

To configure and start connection management, complete the following steps:
  1. Install at least one Connection Manager as part of the HCL Informix® Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) installation.
    1. If Connection Managers are installed on hosts where database servers are not installed, set each Connection Manager's host INFORMIXDIR environment variable to the directory the Connection Manager is installed into.
  2. Modify connectivity information in the sqlhosts files that are on all client, database server, and Connection Manager hosts.
    1. If sqlhosts files are in host directories other than $INFORMIXDIR/etc, set host INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variables to the appropriate sqlhosts file location.
    2. If Connection Managers or clients are installed on hosts where database servers are not installed, create a sqlhosts file on each host, and then set each Connection Manager's or client's host INFORMIXSQLHOSTS environment variable to the location of the sqlhosts file.
  3. If Connection Managers, application servers, or database servers are on an untrusted network, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a password file.
    2. Encrypt the password file by running the onpassword utility.
    3. Distribute the password file to the database servers that Connection Managers connect to. If the database servers are on other operating systems, distribute the unencrypted password file, and then encrypt it on the other operating systems.
  4. On Connection Manager hosts, create a configuration file for each installed Connection Manager.
    1. If the configuration file is in a directory other than $INFORMIXDIR/etc, set the CMCONFIG environment variable to specify the file's location.
    2. If you define a service-level agreement that uses a transaction-latency or apply-failure redirection policy, start quality of data (QOD) monitoring by running the cdr define qod and cdr start qod commands.
  5. Set onconfig parameters on the cluster database servers.
    1. If Connection Managers control failover for a high-availability cluster, set the DRAUTO configuration parameter to 3 on all managed cluster database servers, and set the HA_FOC_ORDER configuration parameter on the primary server of each cluster to a failover order.
    2. On each database server that uses multiple ports, set the DBSERVERALIASES configuration parameter to the alias names listed in Connection Manager and database server sqlhosts file entries.
  6. Optional: Configure the cmalarmprogram script that is installed with Connection Managers.
  7. Run the oncmsm utility to start Connection Managers.

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