Stopping connection management

When you no longer want a Connection Manager to manage connection units, run the oncmsm utility to stop the Connection Manager instance.

If you are using multiple Connection Managers, you can run onstat -g cmsm to display the names of Connection Manager instances.

  1. Log on to the computer on which the Connection Manager instance is running.
  2. Run the oncmsm utility with the -k parameter. For example:
    oncmsm -k connection_manager_name
  3. If quality of data (QOD) monitoring is turned on, and you want to stop it, run the cdr stop qod command on the master server. For example:
    cdr stop qod -c server_1

The Connection Manager stops.

To unistall a stopped Connection Manager from a Windows operating system, run the following command on the computer that the Connection Manager is installed on:
oncmsm -u connection_manager_name

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