Licensing configuration

The value of LICENSE_SERVER parameter will be determined and controlled through the customers interaction with the FlexNet Operations (FNO) portal. It is referred to as a Cloud License Server (CLS) and its format is a simple URL:<ServerDevice>/request. Every instance specifying this URL as its LICENSE_SERVER will be able to claim CPU resources from the pool available. Once the pool limit has been reached, then no further instances can be started. At this point it is possible to dynamically reduce the number of CPU VPs in one running instance and those licenses will then be available to another instance.

ONCONFIG parameters

When sharing a FlexNet license server device among multiple IDS instances, care needs to be taken that resources are available for all instances as required by their configuration. It is recommended that the AUTO_TUNE parameter is set to 0 to prevent the possibly damaging effect of having CPU VPs automatically added by IDS itself. The VPCLASS parameters should also be reviewed to ensure that the starting number (num=N) and the maximum number (max=N) of CPU VPs is configured appropriately for all IDS instances using the same FlexNet license Server Device.

For more information on LICENSE_SERVER configuration parameter, refer LICENSE_SERVER configuration parameter.

For more information on LICENSE_TIMING configuration parameter, refer LICENSE_TIMING configuration parameter.

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