DRLOSTFOUND configuration parameter

Use the DRLOSTFOUND configuration parameter to specify the path name to the HDR lost-and-found file. This file indicates that some transactions were committed on the HDR primary database server before that were not committed on the secondary database server when the primary database server experienced a failure.

onconfig.std values
On UNIX: $INFORMIXDIR/etc/dr.lostfound

On Windows: $INFORMIXDIR\tmp

pathname = Path name of the dr.lostfound file
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.

The DRLOSTFOUND configuration parameter is not applicable if updates between the primary and secondary database servers occur synchronously, when the DRINTERVAL configuration parameter is set to -1.

The lost-and-found file, dr.lostfound.timestamp, is created with a time stamp that is appended to the file name so that the database server does not overwrite another lost and found file if another file exists. You cannot use the lost-and-found file to reapply lost transactions.

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