DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM configuration parameter

Use the DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM configuration parameter to increase the amount of memory that is available for a query that is not a Parallel Database Query (PDQ). (You can only use this parameter if PDQ priority is set to zero.)

onconfig.std value
  • On UNIX: 256
  • On Windows: 128
From the default value to 25 percent of the value of DS_TOTAL_MEMORY
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf command.
When you reset the value in memory by running the onmode -wm command.


If you specify a value for the DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM parameter, determine and adjust the value based on the number and size of table rows.
Tip: Set the value to generally not exceed the largest available temporary dbspace size.
The DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM value is calculated during database server initialization based on the calculated DS_TOTAL_MEMORY value. If during the processing of the DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM, the database server changes the value that you set, the server sends a message in this format:
DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM recalculated and changed from old_value Kb to new_value Kb.

In the message, old_value represents the value that you assigned to DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM in the user configuration file, and new_value represents the value determined by the database server.

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