FILLFACTOR configuration parameter

Use the FILLFACTOR configuration parameter to specify the degree of index-page fullness. A low value provides room for growth in the index. A high value compacts the index.

If an index is full (100 percent), any new inserts result in splitting nodes. You can also set the FILLFACTOR as an option on the CREATE INDEX statement. The setting on the CREATE INDEX statement overrides the ONCONFIG file value.

You cannot use the FILLFACTOR configuration parameter with a forest of trees index.

onconfig.std value
1 - 100
takes effect
When the index is built. Existing indexes are not changed. To use the new value, the indexes must be rebuilt.
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf command.
When you reset the value in memory by running the onmode -wm command.

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