STACKSIZE configuration parameter

Use the STACKSIZE configuration parameter to specify the stack size for the database server user threads.

onconfig.std value
STACKSIZE 32 for 32-bit database servers

STACKSIZE 64 for 64-bit database servers

32 through limit determined by the database server configuration and the amount of memory available
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.
When you reset the value dynamically in your onconfig file by running the onmode -wf command.
When you reset the value in memory by running the onmode -wm command.


The value of STACKSIZE does not have an upper limit, but setting a value that is too large wastes virtual memory space and can cause swap-space problems.

For 32-bit platforms, the default STACKSIZE value of 32 kilobytes is sufficient for nonrecursive database activity. For 64-bit platforms, the recommended STACKSIZE value is 64 kilobytes. When the database server performs recursive database tasks, as in some SPL routines, for example, it checks for the possibility of stack-size overflow and automatically expands the stack.

User threads execute user-defined routines. To increase the stack size for a particular routine, use the stack modifier on the CREATE FUNCTION statement.
Warning: Setting the value of STACKSIZE too low can cause stack overflow, the result of which is undefined but usually undesirable.

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