Information from onstat in the SMI Tables

To obtain information provided by the onstat utility, you can use SQL to query appropriate SMI tables. The following table indicates which SMI tables to query to obtain the information provided by a given onstat option. For descriptions of the onstat options, see Monitor the database server status.
onstat Option SMI Tables to Query onstat Fields Not in SMI Tables
-d sysdbspaces syschunks address bpages
-D sysdbspaces syschkio  
-F sysprofile address flusher snoozer state data
-g ath systhreads  
-g dri sysdri Last DR CKPT (id/pg)
-g glo sysvpprof Listing of virtual processors by
-g ipl sysipl  
-g rss sysrsslog systrgrss syssrcrss  
-g his syssqltracing  
-g sds syssrcsds systrgsds  
-g smx syssmx  
-g smx ses syssmxses  
-k syslocks address lklist tblsnum
-l syslogs sysprofile All physical-log fields (except numpages and numwrits) All logical-log buffer fields (except numrecs, numpages, and numwrits) address begin % used
-p sysprofile  
-u syssessions syssesprof address wait nreads nwrites

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